HomeSchool Minder Update:

Hello all, I wanted to let everyone know that we just pushed (actually a few days ago) a new update with a great new feature and a few bug fixes.  Here is the list:

1) Non-school days are here!  Users can now define days in which school will not in session.  Recurring events such as assignments, instructional plans, etc. will skip those non-school days.  Non-school days can be defined via Settings > Non-school days and/or by clicking on any calendar day and checking the Non-school day check box (on the right-hand side bar).  

2) There was an issue where creating an assignment (or instructional plan) via the calendar would sometimes be assigned to the wrong course when using FireFox or Safari web browsers.  This should be resolved.

3) Some Safari web browser users reported seeing misaligned fields when creating assignments.  This should also be resolved.

4) When creating a new lesson plan, the Term drop down list field should now be sorted correctly.

Things we are working on next:

1) Improving the format of the Detailed Lesson Plan report.

2) Event Sliding feature.  This feature could be used to move, or slide, all calendar events to a different day should a student unexpectedly miss a day of school.

3) And much more!



All About the Grades!!!

Good Morning Everyone.

We released a few minor tweaks over the weekend that I’d like to announce.

1) Gradebooks will no longer scroll back up to the top after saving a grade.  Previously, when a grade was entered, the assignments grid would refresh and start the user back at the top of the list of assignments.  Now, when a grade is entered, the grid will remain on the assignment for which the grade was just entered.  Yay!!!

2) We also made a few behind the scenes tweaks to hopefully make grade entry faster.

3) Lastly, some users might have erroneously been given a User Confirmation screen after entering a grade for an assignment.  This should not happen again.  :)

Currently being tested:

1) The ability to define non-school days.

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know at

Feature Update Released!

Good morning everyone. This morning we finally released our long awaited feature update that contains the following:

1) The ability to record Core & Non-Core hourly attendance. This option must first be selected by clicking on Settings > Attendance.
2) The option to auto-number recurring events (e.g. assignments, instructional plans, chores, etc…) **HINT** When you mark an event as recurring, look at the Hint that appears under the Name field for instructions.
3) Multiple students can now be added to any event. However, to add multiple students to assignments or lesson plan, those students must first be enrolled in the same course.
4) HSM should now be smarter about recognizing which term users are in and default to that term upon login.
5) We fixed an error that prevented some users from accessing their subscription page.

Stay tuned for details about our next update… (Hint, it will include the ability to define non-school days and much more.)


Update 7/24/2014

Good morning everyone!
We released a nice little update last night that includes the following:

1) Users can now enter a duration (i.e. a start and end time) for all calendar events (e.g. Assignments, Instructional Plans, Chores, Field Trips, etc…).
2) We also fixed the Detailed Lesson Plan report.

Things we are working on…
1) The ability to allow HSM to automatically number recurring assignments or instructional plans (e.g. Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3, etc..)
2) The ability to add multiple students when creating a calendar event.
3) The option to take hourly attendance for Core vs. Non-core courses.
4) The ability to define non-school days on the calendar.
5) Reading List management.
6) and much much more.

Update 7/15/2014

Good morning everyone!  I’d like to announce that last night we released a much anticipated update the centers around the time field (details below):

1. Events (e.g. Assignments, Chores, etc…) no longer require a user to enter a time in the time field.
2. The time field, for all events, can now be user-definable.  This means a user can enter whatever time they wish (e.g. 8:14 am, 7:47 pm, etc…) for their events.
3. Field Trips can now be recurring.  Yay!!!  

Coming next:

1. The ability to add multiple students when creating a calendar event (e.g. field trips, chores, etc…)
2. The ability to take Core and Non-core attendance.

Last Night’s Release

Good morning all. Last night we squashed a few bugs (coding-wise). Below is a list of everything we fixed.

-iPad/tablet issue: When going to our website ( a user noticed the Student Login was off the screen (to the right). So this forced users to horizontally scroll the page in order to access the Student Login feature. This has now been fixed to where the Student Login should now be immediately visible when going to our home page.

-Report Card Formatting: Some users reported that, when printing their report cards, the student header image would overlap the title of the first course.  Correct spacing has now been allotted for the header.

-Gradebook: We found an issue where adding the very first assignment, to a gradebook, didn’t always update the Term grade. This only occurred when the Term grade was previously blank. This bug has been vaporized.

-Editing a Standard (Skills module): A user received an error when trying to edit, and save, the name of a Standard. This has now been fixed.

-Report Card Term Grades: There was an issue where the report card didn’t always correctly print a Term grade that was manually overwritten by the user. Again, this ONLY occurred when a user manually overwrote a Term grade in their Gradebook (which happens very rarely).

Our developers are working hard on some great new features that will arrive before the start of this next school year. So stay tuned for more information. 


Transcripts get Graduation Date

Quick Update. One of our users astutely pointed out that our Official Transcript was missing the “Graduation Date” in the student header. So our wonderful lead developer Dave quickly provided us a fix. So now, our Official Transcript, will print the Graduation Date (if there is one) right besides the Date of Birth. Thanks to the user who pointed this out to us.

Happy New Feature Friday Everyone!

I’m pleased to officially announce the addition of a few new features.

1) The ability for students to view an assignment’s grade when looking on their own calendar. 

2) The ability to use the assignment Copy feature to copy an assignment back to the same student.

And as always, much more is coming over the next few months.


Quick little update for everyone…

Transcripts now support up to 2 customizable signatures lines.  When you go to print an Official Transcript, click in the Options box to add 1 or 2 signature lines.  Once added, you can click on the title of “Educator” to enter your own custom text for each line.

We hope everyone enjoys this new addition as we have much more coming!


The Heartbleed Bug - Change Your Passwords

CVE-2014-0160, also known as the “Heartbleed Bug” was reported by researchers on Monday this week to the OpenSSL team. This bug exposes a weakness in the encryption implementation used by a significant portion of internet services which secures the communications you make between your personal browser and our servers. Your passwords and other sensitive information may be at risk. Yahoo, Amazon, ourselves, and many others have been affected by this issue.

One of the unfortunate side-effects of this means of attack is that it leaves no signs of exposure. The bottom line is that we aren’t fully sure if any of our users have been affected. What we have done is to closely monitor unusual access to your accounts from unexpected IP addresses (locations in the world) as well as any improbable usages of our payments system. To this end, we have not detected any breaches of security. Regardless, we have copied our production data backups to a secure location in the event that any of our users experience such an attack.

Last night, we brought down our SSL endpoint, the security relay through which our encryption services are executed, for an update to resolve this issue. For our part, the Heartbleed Bug will no longer pose a threat to Homeschool Minder users. But just as a precaution, we recommend that all users immediately change their passwords. We also highly recommend that you visit any services you frequently use, especially those that may secure highly personal or financially sensitive information, to find out if they have addressed this issue yet.