The Heartbleed Bug - Change Your Passwords

CVE-2014-0160, also known as the “Heartbleed Bug” was reported by researchers on Monday this week to the OpenSSL team. This bug exposes a weakness in the encryption implementation used by a significant portion of internet services which secures the communications you make between your personal browser and our servers. Your passwords and other sensitive information may be at risk. Yahoo, Amazon, ourselves, and many others have been affected by this issue.

One of the unfortunate side-effects of this means of attack is that it leaves no signs of exposure. The bottom line is that we aren’t fully sure if any of our users have been affected. What we have done is to closely monitor unusual access to your accounts from unexpected IP addresses (locations in the world) as well as any improbable usages of our payments system. To this end, we have not detected any breaches of security. Regardless, we have copied our production data backups to a secure location in the event that any of our users experience such an attack.

Last night, we brought down our SSL endpoint, the security relay through which our encryption services are executed, for an update to resolve this issue. For our part, the Heartbleed Bug will no longer pose a threat to Homeschool Minder users. But just as a precaution, we recommend that all users immediately change their passwords. We also highly recommend that you visit any services you frequently use, especially those that may secure highly personal or financially sensitive information, to find out if they have addressed this issue yet.

HomeSchool Minder Update

Good morning everyone! Well, we had an update this weekend and below is the list of things we changed:

-New Header.  With our new header we added a new, yet to be released module, called Resources.   This new module will allow users to add things such as videos, web links, PDFs, and more to lesson plans and assignments.  We will also be adding a new activities view for students.  We plan on releasing this new module this summer.

-The new header also enabled us to fully display student and year names.  No more truncating!

-Student List.  When the user clicks to change students, they should now find the list of students is now sorted alphabetically.  Finally, right?!?!?!

-Student Search Filter.  When a user clicks to change students, and they have 10+ students, a new Search Filter will appear at the top of the list letting users quickly and easily find a specific student.

-Calendar Attendance.  When a user clicks on a calendar day, to enter hourly attendance, the cursor will now automatically default to the “Hours present” field. 

-Gradebook.  We made some changes to the way the Gradebook loads to hopefully ease some of the “Loading” issues users have reported.

-Saving Attendance.  We also made some changes to hopefully make the saving of attendance more responsive.  Some users reported having difficulties with attendance not always saving in a timely manner.

-Lesson Plan Script Errors.  Some users reported seeing “Script Errors” in the drop down list portion of the Lesson Plan module.  We corrected a minor scripting issue that will hopefully rectify this, but Windows users, please let us know if you continue to see this error appear.

And as always, we have much more coming in the ensuing months.  Also, your feedback extremely important to us, so please be sure to let us know what and how we can do better.

Today’s Quick Update

Hello Everyone!  Well, we finally did it.  We just released a few features that I’m hoping everyone will enjoy.  They are:

-Transcript header changes.  We removed a few random characters, added Grade Level and moved a few things around.  Hope you like it.

-We also made the page breaking, on Transcripts, a lot “smarter”.  This should make transcripts look much better and more professional.

-We changed the sort order of assignments as they appear during the Copy process.  Previously, assignments appear in the order in which they were created… which didn’t make much sense.  Now assignments will appear in descending date order (newest first).  This will hopefully make assignments easier to find.

-Lastly, we added the course name to the student’s assignment view.  So now, when a student logs into HSM and clicks to view an assignment, they will see the course name along with all the other assignment information.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Performance Update

I’m pleased to announce that we made some changes to help improve the speed and responsiveness of HomeSchool Minder.  Users can expect to see a noticeable performance increase in the Calendar, Gradebook and Assignment areas of the program.  The performance of HSM is extremely important to us, so please continue to let us know if you notice any problems.

HomeSchool Minder Update (11/4/2013)

We are very pleased to announce the features of this weekend’s update.


  • Users can now create recurring assignments (yahoo!!!).
  • When editing a single instance of any recurring event, users can now apply those changes to that instance only or all future instances.
  • Users now have the ability to delete a single instance of a recurring event.
  • A Score (grade) can now be given to an assignment during the initial creation process (or while editing).
  • We have also done some behind the scenes work to better improve database performance.

Bugs squashed

  • The month of September should now correctly display attendance checkmarks (finally, right???).

Next up…
We will be looking at the Transcript header and making some changes:

  • Adding student address
  • Adding the words “Official Transcript”
  • Adding Grade Level
  • Subtracting some weird “05:00:00” characters (not even sure what those were to begin with)
  • Lastly, we will be making the page breaking more “intelligent and elegant”

And of course we will be doing lots of other things based on all of your feedback, so please keep them coming!!!

Weekly Assignments Report

We have just updated the weekly assignments report to now optionally include assignment descriptions.  So when you click to run this report, you will now see an option to “Show Descriptions” (which is turned on by default).  If you do not wish to show the assignment’s description, simply click the “x” to remove it.  We hope you enjoy this new option.

Please stay tuned as we have more good things coming over the next few weeks

Brand new Weekly Assignments report now available

Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce we have a brand new report that is now available to everyone called the Weekly Assignments report. This report is a simple weekly grid that displays what assignments are due for the selected week.

For starters we are only printing the Title of each assignment in each block (due to real estate issues on the report) but we are open to adding the assignment’s description if our users require that. So please look at this report and let us know what you think. Do we need to allow descriptions to also print? Below is a sample of the report.

Small patch applied this weekend

This weekend we deployed a small fix that will now make the reporting filters work much better with Internet Explorer 9.  So if you were using this browser, and have had difficulties in the past getting the report filters to work just right, you should now find things working A LOT better.  Please give those reporting filters another try and let us know if you experience any other difficulties.  Thanks so much!

Student Login is now Live!

I’m very happy to announce that our new student login feature has just been released. This is an optional feature that allows your student(s) to log into HSM, view their calendar, and mark events (assignments/chores/etc…) as complete. 

Click here to view our Help page to learn more about this new feature.

If you have any questions, or suggestions on how we can make the student login even better, please let us know at


Detailed Lesson Plan report now more functional than ever!

We just released an update to the Detailed Lesson Plan report.  Previously, this report would only print for a single course at a time.  Now, we have updated the filter to, by default, include ALL of the student’s courses for the current term.  So now, one report can contain all of your student’s lesson plan information. 

We hope that you enjoy this new feature and our continued commitment to bring you the best homeschool record keeping software available.